One connector has it all

Multi-Contact has expanded its CombiTac connector range to support pneumatic and fluid interconnects alongside electrical power and signal connections in one unified assembly. Potential applications include production and process control equipment, rack-mount equipment and liquid cooled electronics such as power amplifiers and radar systems. Specifying a single connector can help to reduce the bill of materials, save space and streamline assembly and maintenance.

Available, with plugs and sockets for eight or six millimetre tubes, CombiTac is suitable for pneumatic and fluid systems operating up to six bar input pressure. The system is said to offer easy attachment and disconnection of liquid cooling equipment and ensures leak-proof connections during disassembly. Fluid hoses can be pre-filled at the factory to prevent ingress of pollutants and to ensure the correct fluid is used.

Various electrical signal connectors can be incorporated including co-axial connectors in standard sizes, type K thermo couples, connectors for plastic optical fibres and a range of pin contacts from 1.0 to 8mm diameter, spanning current ratings from five to 150A.

Purchasers can select from a variety of contact carrier options including single-pole carriers for six and eight millimetre contacts, two-pole carriers for six millimetre contacts, up to a 26-pole carrier for 1.0mm diameter contacts. All CombiTac carriers meet IEC60664-1 for creepage distance and clearances, withstand exposure to 2.21kV AC for one minute and operate from -40 to 90degC.

A web-based configuration tool helps customers configure their connector assembly on screen, request a quote and review dimensional information.