One-for-all adapter has it covered

Power specialist, Innergie, has launched a plug and play, one-for-all solution designed to offer one charger for all devices capable of adapting automatically to the power needs of mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and other consumer products. Innergie presents five different universal adapters: the mCube90, mCube Lite, mCube Plus, mCube Mini and the mMini AC.

The mCube90: With a peak output of 90 Watt comes with an extra detachable & the world’s smallest DC power cube; suitable for use in your car or in the airplane. The mCube90 is 129 x 70 x 24 mm in size and 263 gram light, powering laptops up to a size of 17 inch. For its slim shape, the mCube90 won 2 prizes, the famous IF Design Award and the CES award for innovation. Besides that, it also meets the high requirements of the ‘Energy Star’.

With only 200 grams in weight and 117 x 57 x 17 mm in size, the ultra slim mCube Light has been developed to replace adapters that power notebooks up to 17′ inch in screen size and 70 Watt. The Mcube Lite accepts AC voltages from 110 to 240 Volt (50/60 Hz) on the input site and it provides an output of 19,5 Volt (DC). Smart phones and MP3/Video players can be charged at the same time together with the laptop via the built-in USB port with standard 5 Volt output.

For those who need even more power, Innergie developed the mCube Plus. The 146 x 54 x 33 mm small and 347g light power supply unit offers a continuous output of 100 Watt. It is made to power big size laptops even for models above 17′ inch. The mCube Plus actually comes with 2 fast charging USB ports, capable of charging 3 devices at the same time.

With the mCube Mini Innergie presents a special highlight for the IFA 2009 Show. It looks like an adaptor that is built in a cable, measuring only 60 x 26 x 18 mm in size almost 70 grams in weight. The mCube Mini can charge laptops up to 17′ inch even from electrical systems with typically 12 to 15 volt (DC) provided in cars and airplanes. A built-in converter transfers the on-board voltage into normal voltage usable for laptops with 15 to 20 volts.

For those who only want to power their devices with a USB connection – using a normal power plug for example in trains or hotels – would value the mMini AC very much. With a size of 27 x 27 x 31 mm and a weight of only 24 grams, this innovative adapter delivers 5 Volt fast USB charging power with a 5 watt continuous load.

According to the manufacturer, users of the Innergie series hardly have to worry about compatibility, power ratings and polarity. Mini adapter plugs or so called tips come as standard in the box with the power supply covering most of the popular notebook brands. Special versions can be ordered via the Innergie website online or via the Service & Support Team by telephone through dedicated distribution partners.

All Innergie Power Supply Products reach an impressive efficiency of over 90% under all circumstances. Right now 80% plus already counts as environmentally friendly. In the event that the power output will exceed its potential or that the user creates a short-circuit, the built-in safety protection will step in and switch off the power automatically to protect your equipment.