Open barrel crimp contact reduces costs in automated applications

Performing to the same high-reliability standards as conventional Datamate contacts, the Datamate Trio-Tek open barrel crimp contact automates the crimp process to significantly save on assembly time and reduce process costs. The new crimp design which features a latching feature simplifies the insertion of contacts into the housing. Product Manager Graham Cunningham commented: An innovative, patent-pending design in the field of high reliability connectors, the Datamate Trio-Tek auto-crimp contact features a triangular form that is the key to providing a simplified crimping process while at the same time enabling the customer to fully automate crimping in medium- and high-volume applications. Further, inexpensive hand crimping tools are also available for lower volume and product development and prototyping applications.

The high reliability contact of the Datamate Trio-Tek is tested in accordance with BS 9525-F0033. A crimp inspection window in the housing aids quality control, while the insulation crimp barrel provides improved strain relief. The contacts come with jackscrews (J-Tek) and are available both loose and on reels.

Typical applications include high-reliability, high volume markets such as commercial aerospace, data communications, medical devices, engine management and high-end industrial equipment, including pumps, heavy machinery and drilling rigs.