Optimised pin-out minimises routing

Fairchild Semiconductor brings designers an industry-leading, dual MOSFET solution that delivers higher efficiency and power density for notebooks, netbooks, servers, telecom and other DC-DC designs. The FDMC8200 integrates an optimized control (high-side) and synchronous (low-side) 30V N-Channel MOSFET into one 3mm x 3mm MLP module all designed with Fairchild’s advanced-performance PowerTrench 7 MOSFET technology. This technology yields an exceptionally low RDS(ON), total gate charge (QG) and Miller Charge (QGD) enhancements that result in high efficiency by minimizing conduction and switching losses. The FDMC8200 typically features an RDS(ON) of 24mOhm on the high side and 9.5mOhm on the low side. It can deliver over 9A of current for mainstream computing applications, and the optimized pinout and footprint provides ease of layout and routing, simplifying design.

The FDMC8200 addresses key design challenges of DC-DC applications, space conservation and thermal performance, through its advanced packaging technology and proprietary PowerTrench 7 process. The compact and thermally-enhanced 3mm x 3mm Power33 MLP package, and PowerTrench 7 technology, inherently offers high power density, high power efficiency and excellent thermal performance.

This dual MOSFET is part of a comprehensive portfolio of advanced MOSFET technology that provides a wide range of breakdown voltages and state of the art packaging technology for efficient power management and low thermal resistance. This portfolio includes the FDMS9600S and FDMS9620S, integrated FET modules that also significantly reduce board space and enable synchronous buck designs to achieve higher conversion efficiency.

Price (each, 1000 pcs.): US$ 0.50. Samples are available now.