Output filter maximises motor life

Premo’s new FOVT series dv/dt output filter helps extend motor life and facilitates longer motor cables.

Fast switching generated by IGBTs causes high voltage ramps (greater than 4000V/s), that may be even higher in the motor windings. The fast switching can also shorten the motor life and limit the maximum cable lengths.

PREMO has developed a new dv/dt output filter, the FOVT series, to guarantee that the maximum peak voltage will be under 1000V with a dv/dt value less than 500V/ s.

Key points:

Three phase output filter for converters.
Minimizes frequency converter dV/dt values.
For long motor cables.
Reduces motor heating.
Increases motor life.

Suppression of voltage spikes will increase the cycle life of the motor, cables length will be longer with lower leakage currents and it will decrease the level electromagnetic noise, radiated and conducted.

The FOVT Series is available in three-phase versions from 8A to 70A. Earth current leakage is limited in all models to 238 uA; this product is suitable for switching frequencies between 4 to 16 kHz and motor cable long lower than 50mts.

PREMO EMC has a long experience in the design of filters for solar applications. This filter has been developed considering the specific requirements of this application, like attenuation, volume, weigh, prices, etc. In collaboration with development centres, universities, suppliers and customers, PREMO has added to its designs innovations and new magnetic materials which enable to obtain results to satisfy customer needs.

Premo EMC has fixed and on-site laboratories to carry out the EMC tests in machines or installations of its customers and a solution is given or suggested in order to fulfill a specific EMC standard.