Partnership formula for sales and success

Components Bureau states its component supply and outsourcing success is based on offering unrivalled customer service from design to delivery Components Bureaus commercial manager, Andrew Ferrier, explains how the companys experience lets it offer manufacturing solutions that customers may not have considered: For example, we are working on a plastic injection moulding project at the moment which brings together best practice from the world over, achieving considerable cost savings in the process.

We can oversee initial tooling in China which still offers terrific value for money and then, dependent on the nature of the finished product, advise on the best geographical manufacturing facility. If you have a large, bulky product it may make more sense to use our partners in the UK rather than incurring the costly shipping of fresh air

Many of our customers first came to us for simple component supply and have grown to enjoy substantially more of what we can offer.

One of the companys key advantages is instant access to a huge electronics manufacturing capability. As official UK partners to SMT Holdings, Components Bureau can offer customers increased or decreased output as market conditions dictate.

Andrew continued: We project-manage every aspect of the outsourcing process which saves our customers a great deal of time, potential frustration and more seriously, mistakes. We have worked with our Asian partners for many years and can take advantage of their manufacturing excellence and expertise. All of our production facilities share a common commitment to quality; its something that we have refused to compromise on whether dealing with the UK or Asia.

Andrew also explained the current economic climate puts Components Bureau in an ideal position to help companies save costs: Now, more than ever, UK companies have to adapt and we offer them the ultimate in flexibility. Our remit is to help companies take advantage of sales opportunities without having to commit to massive capital expenditure.

We have a huge, skilled workforce on tap, seamless delivery and extensive warehousing capabilities here in the UK so we are able to hold buffer stock for instant despatch. Our total cost of production will be lower in the majority of cases, and the earlier we can be involved in the manufacturing design process, the better.

We at Components Bureau see ourselves not as a CEM provider but as a solutions provider to our customers, our expertise is really measured by the value that we can add to a project and ultimately the cost which we can remove. Our customers stay with us for the long term and I think that is a true reflection of not just our added value but our commitment to our customers goals. Its a partnership that works.