Perfect brightness and colour

MSC announces the new 16-bit PWM LED driver with 8-bit digital dot correction from Macroblock: MBI5040. To provide uniformed LED brightness and accurate LED color for high-end LED display panels, matched LEDs are insufficient, and dot correction of each LED pixel becomes necessary. The new digital dot correction designed in MBI5040 not only unifies the LED brightness and avoids the LED color change during the dot correction process, but also reduces the loading and the cost of the display controllers.

MBI5040 also features 16-bit gray scale with patented S-PWM technology to increase visual refresh rate. In addition to the 16-bit PWM control and 8-bit digital dot correction features, MBI5040 provides constant output current from 2mA to 60mA for 16 output channels individually, and sustains up to 17V at each output port. MBI5040 is also designed with compulsory error detection, in-message error detection, 7-bit output current gain and thermal protection functions.

MBI5040 helps upgrade LED display panels to high-end LED display panels easily, making it more applicable for outdoor and indoor LED video displays, billboards, commercial LED displays etc.