Perfectly positioned for choice

Honeywells new RPN Hall-Effect rotary position sensors from Aerco have an operating range of up to 360, offering more choice for potential position sensing applications. With Hall-Effect, non-contact operation and low torque actuation, the RPN range is sealed in a rugged package to IP67 protection levels or greater. Sensors are available in five supply voltages from 5 to 30V and can be preset to operate over eight ranges up to the maximum 360 thus making them compatible with a wide range of control systems.

Offering a high level of EMC protection, the RPN Series is ideal for detecting position and movement of pedals, throttles, gear shifts, levers and linkages and will find application in off-road, goods and industrial vehicles, cranes and industrial and agriculture equipment.

The sensor is flange mounted with two easily accessible mounting holes housed in a rugged sealed package with integral connector and has a long service life.