PoE keypad takes centre stage

Custom IT peripherals vendor, Electrone Europe, is showcasing its first Power over Ethernet (PoE) keypad at IP Expo in conjunction with PowerDsine Midspans from Microsemi. The Electrone 720 alpha/numeric PoE keypad is an extension of the existing 720 model range which already includes USB, RS232 and TCP/IP versions. The 720 PoE keypad needs no separate power supply as it draws its power from its Ethernet connection and gives the flexibility required for any web-based service. The 720 PoE keypad is also equipped with a 2×16 LCD character display and a 17-key arrangement allowing users to communicate directly with the keypad via the internet, giving the benefit and flexibility of bi-directional internet communication at very low costs.

Electrone is partnering with Microsemi to become a distributor for its PowerDsine Midspan product range of PoE injectors and splitters. These systems supply reliable, uninterrupted power to wireless LAN access points and other Ethernet devices using existing LAN cable infrastructure. This technology removes the time and cost of installing separate power cables and provides an uninterrupted power supply for individual terminals and devices such as the Electrone 720 PoE keypad.

Helder Resende, Sales Manager Northern Europe, Microsemi, comments, We are continually evolving our solutions offering in the market to existing and prospective customers, so it is fantastic that we are able to partner with Electrone to offer a combination of PowerDsine hardware and Electrone keypads to deliver a thin flexible client solution based on PoE technology.

Stuart Thorn, Chief Executive, Electrone Europe, comments, It is a great opportunity for Electrone to showcase the 720 PoE keypad at the IP Expo alongside Microsemi’s PowerDsine’s Midspans and this demonstrates that we are continuing to strengthen our relationships with key players in the IP market. As a distributor of Microsemi’s Midspan products we are now able to offer clients the benefits of a PoE network without the cost of installation, which is critical in times where cost and speed of information is essential.

PowerDsine delivers its solutions through communications clients such as Avaya, 3Com, Nortel, Siemens and Ericsson.