Polymer clamps offer aerospace advantages

When Amphenol wanted to develop a high performance wiring, cable, and hydraulic tubing clamp to replace traditional P-clamps and saddle clamps, it chose Victrex Peek polymer for its strength lightweight properties. Originally developed for the Boeing 787 all-composite aircraft, the new clamps consist of Victrex Peek polymer, over-molded with a silicone rubber cushion. Unlike metal, it is non-corrosive and non-conductive, as well as being inherently flame retardant, making it suitable for use throughout the aircraft.

Amphenol uses a proprietary silicone over-molding process to produce the clamps, which are also used in a range of shipboard, industrial and railway applications. This over-mold process bonds the silicone rubber cushion to the plastic, so they will not detach. In addition, because the cushions allow for varying compressions, the same size clamp can accommodate multiple bundle diameters.

For easy installation, clamps are equipped with a lock-open and lock-closed feature, which means the engineer does not need to hold the clamp open when inserting wires. Other features include labels on the top and bottom of each clamp for quick inspection and diameter identification.

Available in single and double leg configurations, the clamps are available in 36 sizes and are compatible with tubing up to two inches diameter.