Potentiometers go digital

Developed to provide engineers with a digital solution, Microchip has introduced the MCP401x family of low-power, low-voltage, volatile, six-bit digital potentiometers. Available in five and six-pin SOT-23 and 2 by 3mm DFN packages, the parts help reduce board space and device height for portable applications. Their low power consumption (0.3A typical) and low operating-voltage (down to 1.8V) help increase battery life.

Specifications include integral non-linearity of 1/2LSB maximum, differential non-linearity of 1/2LSB maximum, end-to-end temperature coefficient of 100ppm typical, and ratio metric temperature coefficient of 10ppm typical. In addition, the devices operate over an extended temperature range of -40 to 125C. The products suit sensor calibration, set-point control, test and measurement, process control and data acquisition applications.