Powerful camera solution

The new PC685 1/3 CCD Super high-resolution colour board camera provides more than 520TV lines, RS232 interface and on-screen control yet is still based on a 42mm x 42mm single board, providing a very powerful solution for major video applications. The unit utilises an inter-line 1/3 sensor that provides sensitivity down to 0.5lux. The camera provides VBS 1,0 Vpp sync negative 75 ohms and Y/C (S-Video) 2:1 interlace streams providing flexibility of usage.

A built in RS232 interface allows remote control and set-up of the camera assisted by on-screen display. The camera has a 4X electronics zoom and provides line and video sync functions. As well as internal lock, external VBS or HD/VD allow multiple cameras to be locked together. Each camera can be given a unique address so up to 256 cameras can be controlled from one control centre.

The camera can be supplied with a selection of glass lenses removing the problems associated with plastic versions. Three lines of QA ensure that every board PCB camera is tested individually to ensure reliability. The camera is on a board measuring 42mmx42mm and weighs just 20g making it suitable for small space applications.. The camera draws just 120mA max from a 12-volt supply and can be supplied in both PAL and NTSC formats.

This 1/3 board camera packs a punch way above its size and offers the flexibility and controllability to meet applications in a broad range of industrial applications.