Powering the future

DIN-rail power supply technology specialist, Puls, is helping customers see in the New Year with cost savings, green solutions, new products and more customer support Puls offers a range of DIN-rail power supplies from 15 to 960W with output voltages from five to 56VDC. New to the range are DC UPS systems with integrated and stand alone batteries. These buffer/booster units offer a solution for peak loads and difficult start ups. DC/DC converters, designed to tackle voltage drops over long cables, can also be used with XT units to solve bulk power distribution issues.

Increasing efficiency and reducing energy wastage are fundamental goals of Puls power supplies. With efficiencies up to 96 per cent, they help lower energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and save the planet.

Moving into the New Year, the companys primary focus is customer support. With the introduction of Puls Full Team Support service, customers have access to an account manager, plus a free technical advice service designed to make it easier to find, confirm and buy power supplies.

The new year might herald a few problems but with Puls support, power supplies no longer need to be one of them.