Pre-assembly cuts installation costs

Solarlok is a new combiner box assembly from Tyco Electronics supplied completely pre-assembled to save installation time and costs. The plug and play design also minimizes errors during installation. The device combines up to five strings in a pre-terminated connectorized weather-resistant enclosure, meeting National Electric Code (NEC) requirements for series fusing of photovoltaic modules. The box is also approved according to the standards of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) 1741 to be used as an accessory for inverters.

The combiner box assembly consists of a box, cover with hinges, transparent dead front lid under the cover, and 10 pre-terminated SOLARLOK connectors each with a removable seal cover. The box features 4 knockouts for output wiring, lock tab, mounting slots, and pre-wired grounding clip. The device converts to standard THWN-2 wire in conduit.

The interior of the box holds five fuse blocks pre-wired to the positive SOLARLOK connectors, five terminal blocks pre-wired to the negative SOLARLOK connectors, and an equipment terminal block used to ground the equipment.