Promote Emcore fibre optic products

UR Group has entered into an agreement with Emcore Corporation to supply and distribute Emcore fibre-optic solutions for the RF over fibre, microwave and satellite photonics markets in the UK and Italy.
Emcores technologies enable fibre optic transmission of signals from 200MHz to 40GHz, delivering benefits including security of data, immunity to electro-magnetic interference, significantly lighter and smaller cable plant, simpler link design eliminating amplifiers and frequency-conversion components, and scalability to support increased capacity as user demands evolve. Emcore Corporation has a long history of success in projects involving satellite signal distribution, antenna remoting, fibre optic delay lines and signal distribution for both civil and military radar and specialty RF and terahertz photonics.

The UR Group has a strong presence in the UK and Italy, both of which are strategically important territories for satellite, aerospace and defence markets, said Davinder Basuita, EMEA regional director of sales. We sought a partner with a strong customer base in these markets, proven technical support competency and synergy with existing products and franchises. The UR Group was the obvious choice, and we look forward to a successful relationship delivering sustained growth.

The Emcore portfolio will complement our high-quality power and networking products. This is a valuable and exciting opportunity to grow important accounts and to expand our customer base in high-value sectors, said Joe Matano, Managing Director of UR Group.