Purchasers plump for PICMG approval

Harting has introduced a B+ type mezzanine card, the AdvancedMC, for AdvancedTCA with press-fit technology, developed specifically to meet the high data transmission rates and low crosstalk specifications required by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). The design is said to be optimised for easy routing with 0.55mm plated PCB holes for reliable press-fit mounting. Harting claims the press-fit format will provide cost and reliability advantages and allows for the use of standard flat rock die with no special tooling.

As defined by the PICMG advanced mezzanine card standard, the new high-speed mezzanine cards can be used in AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems. As such, Harting can also supply MicroTCA power connectors with a press-fit termination to link the AdvancedMC power supply to the backplane.

Harting MicroTCA connectors are said to offer good routing capabilities with wide routing channels, low crosstalk and good high-speed performance. PICMG members have elected to use this connector footprint as the new MicroTCA connector standard for press-fit termination technology.