Push-pull of connector sourcing

ODU is highlighting its Mini-Snap cylindrical push-pull connector range ahead of the Defence Systems and Equipment International exhibition. This product is used in both industry and defence applications such as communication systems and laser guidance technology. The Mini-Snap was developed for power and signal supply, with one of its main stated features being precise, reliable latching, even in hard-to-reach places. The push-pull locking principle is said to offer advantages over threaded or bayonet locking systems. For example, space requirements are small and operation is quick and easy, even when blind mating. Locking is designed to be definite and secure.

The design can be customised for military applications. In fact, customer specific designs are offered as part of ODUs design and development package. The standard range includes general-purpose metal-bodied connectors and plastic units that can be used for medical and industrial instrumentation.