PWM controller tackles high temperatures

Cissoid unveils Magma, a PWM controller designed to operate reliably over the full temperature range -55C to 225C. It targets DC-DC converters and switching mode power supplies, where it brings efficiency above 90 per cent throughout the temperature range. MAGMA can operate with input voltages from 6 to 30V and delivers a PWM signal at constant frequency and duty cycles up to 90%. The chip can be forced to a stand-by mode, with a typical consumption under 150A at 225C. The threshold for the Power Good signal can be adjusted. A Sync pin can be driven by an external clock for synchronization purposes while the internal clock is available on a Ckout pin. MAGMA also features an internal reference, input voltage feed forward, and a soft start activated whenever MAGMA comes out of stand-by or the output is enabled.

With MAGMA and their recently announced HYPERION driver, CISSOID provides the heart of high performance DC-DC converters reliable in the full temperature range [-55C to +225C], as expected by designers of aeronautics, oil & gas, train and automotive applications. Associated with Silicon Carbide power transistors or high reliability IGBTs, MAGMA and HYPERION enable smaller and more reliable battery chargers and bootstrap converters, with reduced cooling and better overall cost efficiency.

MAGMA is available immediately for sampling and evaluation in Ceramic DIL28 package. Pricing starts at 231.63 up to 200 units.