Quad equalizer extends XAUI lanes by 50%

Phyworks has announced a high performance quad backplane equalizer chip for line cards using IEEE802.3ae XAUI backplane interfaces. The PHY3980 can drive four 3.125Gbps FR-4 PCB data lanes at distances of up to 60 inches (1.5m), an increase of up to 50% over existing pin-compatible solutions. Providing designers with the flexibility to extend rack dimensions, increase card density or reduce backplane and connector costs, the PHY3980 uses Phyworks’ unique continuous time equalisation technology to compensate for all backplane trace losses, between MAC and PMD or MAC and switch.

A low power solution, the PHY3980 consumes just 200mW/channel at a supply voltage of 3.3V driving four active data lanes. In addition, the chip’s dedicated lane shutdown function enables system designers to manage power on a traffic per lane basis, further reducing overall power budgets.

Pin compatible with industry standard parts such as the Maxim3980, the PHY3980 is provided in the 11mm x 11mm 44-pin QFN package, has an operating temperature rating of 0C to +85C and is priced starting at $5USD.