Quick guide to legislation

Farnell has underlined its continuing commitment to providing information and support on legislation affecting the electronics industry by launching its new 60 Second Guides. The guides focus specifically on legislation that impacts electronics companies and give an at-a-glance understanding of key legislative areas. The new 60 Second Guides cover aspects of the REACH and RoHS legislation and the new Batteries Directive. Easily accessed via the homepage of the Farnell Global Legislation website, the guides form part of a comprehensive range of quick reference legislative information that Farnell has devised to help EDEs. They also complement the longer – approximately five page – exclusive step-by-step guides to legislation already available. These guides summarise the key points of the full, published legislative documentation.

With the complete documentation on various pieces of legislation requiring a great deal of reading, it is often very difficult for time pressured engineers to gain the quick, initial understanding they need. Farnells 60Second Guides and the longer step-by-step guides recognise and address this problem.
In addition to English language versions, all of the 60 Second Guides will also be available translated into French and German and included on the respective local language Farnell Global Legislation websites.

Commenting on the launch of the new guides, Gary Nevison, Head of Legislation, Farnell said: Legislation is crucial to the electronics sector, but the documentation describing it and the obligations on the design engineer are often long and complex. We recognised that in order to help our customers achieve compliance, then a way of gaining a quick-and-easy understanding of legislation would prove hugely useful. 60Second Guides and the longer Step-by-Step guides have been developed to do this and add to the vast amount of other content already present on our Global Legislation website.