Re-think the way you source locks

Henry Squire & Sons Ltd is heralding the next generation of high security padlocks with the launch of a super-intelligent key system which revolutionises the way companies control and record access, even in the most remote sites. Working in partnership with leading security specialists AMS, Squire has introduced the award-winning CyberLock within its Intelligent Padlock range. CyberLock is a top-security electronic key system that has already proved a massive success in the USA and Canada.

The CyberLock technology is being promoted under the banner of Squire electronic, a division devoted to the development and design of Intelligent Padlocks.

Squire’s range of Intelligent Padlocks are fitted with the cutting-edge CyberLock(r) technology and controlled by a CyberKey, which can be programmed to control access down to the very last second. This brings unrivalled benefits over mechanical key systems.

Ingeniously, the CyberLock(r) system records all activity – whether allowed or denied – so all movements are accountable and fully auditable. This means security officials can be sure only those permitted are allowed access or entry at any given time.

Uniquely, both the key and the lock can store the date and time of activity, which can be viewed online if required. The CyberKey has the capacity to hold almost 4,000 of the most recent activities in its memory.

Importantly, each CyberKey can easily be instructed to open hundreds of different locks – eliminating the security hazard of multiple key sets – and unlike traditional keys, the unique technology behind the CyberKey means it cannot be picked or illegally duplicated.

If a CyberKey is lost, there is no need to invest in changing locks as the CyberLock can simply be instructed to deny access to the missing key.

The CyberLock(r) is not only available in padlocks. Through AMS, it comes in a range of formats and solutions – cylinders, switches, safes, drop boxes, document protection, PC protectors, cash transport solutions and high security doors and safes – designed to cater to the varying needs of householders and businesses ranging from small operations to multi-national companies.

Hospitals, schools, utilities, factories, data rooms and warehouses are just some of the operations that will benefit from this superior level of access control for gates, garages, machinery, cages, cabinets and containers.

For managing director John Squire, the new Squire electronic(tm)
division represents a new chapter in the firm’s illustrious history.

He said: ‘We have always been renowned for our commitment to new
technology and innovation, so the launch of a dedicated electronics division is extremely exciting.

‘The CyberLock system marks a new era in advanced security solutions and we are delighted to be working alongside AMS to offer this unique range of Padlocks to customers in the UK.’