Relay interface handles big loads

Higher current rated relay interface modules have been added to Finder’s electromechanical range. They provide an interface between output limited PLC, BMS and other electronic controllers and high current loads such as heaters, motors and solenoids.

The single pole 38.01 and 38.11 are designed to switch electrical loads up to 16A, 250VAC.

To ensure compatibility with most controller outputs, the relay interface modules offer a comprehensive selection of sensitive DC or AC/DC coils, spanning the voltage range from 12V through to 240V. Integrated coil status indication enhances control system diagnostics, while the relay’s protection circuitry ensures any back emf effects are suppressed.

Helping to minimise control panel space requirements, the new 38 Series interface modules measure just 14mm wide and are standard 35mm DIN rail mounted. To simplify wiring, the relay socket base connection options include both screw and screwless variants.

The interface module’s integral retain / eject clip means that relay location into the socket is reliable and removal easy. To help reduce wiring time, multi-way jumper links are also provided for commoning connections.