Relays recommended for solar energy

YEG has launched its FTR-J2 and FTR-K2W relay as a solution to enable remote switching and emergency cut-off of the solar panel. These relays, connecting the solar panel to the converter, are able to switch DC power. The FTR-J2 relay is capable of switching 450VDC, 10A. Even though the relay’s capability is to switch these high voltages, the relay dimensions are relatively small measuring just 24mm(L) x 23.5(W) x 27mm(H). To be able to switch high DC voltages they have been designed with two strong magnets within the relay to extinguish the severe breaking arc.

The FTR-J2 is a powerful, compact and reliable solution for solar appliances that need to switch high DC voltage.

The brand-new FTR-K2W DC relay is also suitable to be integrated in the converter of solar systems to switch on/off the DC voltage generated by the solar panel. The main feature of this relay is its big contact gap of >6mm. Furthermore the relay is capable of switching 60V DC, 30A.

AC Solar Relays

The FTR-K2G and new developed FTR-K3-WG and FTR-F4G relays can function as interface between the solar converter and the power grid.

These AC relays can be used in compliance with DIN VDE 0126-1-1. According to this safety standard the circuit break function between the solar converter and the power grid must have a contact gap = 1.5mm at each pole.

The FTR-F4G with relatively lower power switching capabilities is recommended for small solar panel systems, where the FTR-K2G is most useful for relatively large solar panel systems.