Relays suit battery powered products

The new polarized latching relay is the same size as the JS series relay. The dimensions of the relay are: 29.3 (L) x 10.3 (W) x 12.8 (H) mm maximum. The PCB mount JSL relay has 1 form A or 1 form C contacts and 1or 2 coil DC windings, low power consumption (1 coil:220mW, 2 coil 480mW) and is capable of 100.000 operations of 8 A at 250VAC or 24VDC. Typical applications are battery powered equipment like thermostats, power control metering, and home automations control requiring a memory function.

It features a sufficient isolation for the targeted applications due to a unique pin layout allowing simplified PCB layout.

The JSL uses a Fujitsu developed highly efficient, magnetic circuit, utilizing a powerful permanent magnet, which allows minimizing size, weight, and power consumption.
A highly conductive spring, along with high temperature molds and coil wire makes it suitable to be used in high temperature environments.

* Compact package: JSL latching relay has the same size as the non-latching JS relay.
* 1 form A and/or 1 form C contact configurations
* 1 coil winding type and 2 coil winding type are available for the PCB circuit design
* High isolation distance 8mm (between coil and contacts), and high dielectric strength 5,000 VAC, surge strength 10,000V
* High contact capacity with proven contact material: 100,000 operations at 8A 250VAC / 24VDC