Reliable service across the board

As the electronics industry adopts ever more advanced technology, the importance of quality and reliability become increasingly apparent. To meet this demand, Prestwick Circuits GPS strives to deliver customers with a single source for printed circuit boards that surpass all expectations. Its mission: to become a PCB value added supplier that provides first-class products, including excellent quality PCBs at a competitive price, on time, every time.

This level of customer satisfaction is derived by continuously monitoring supplier facilities and helping to incorporate sophisticated PCB technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace.

With a history of 36 years in PCB manufacture, Prestwick Circuits GPS can provide quotations on all PCB needs, from prototype to volume, with 24-hour turnaround where required. The company is able to provide printed circuit boards up to 40 layers and in addition to normal FR-4 materials, has experience in supplying special materials such high TG, halogen free, Teflon, Rogers and Getek technology.

Branding itself as a one-stop source for quality PCBs, Prestwick Circuits GPS aims to help customers develop new products and bring them to market quickly. As a value added supplier, it facilitates PCB requirements from prototyping to volume production, utilising Asian/Eastern European and UK manufacturers.

All suppliers have quality control systems certified to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, UL and RoHS standards. Their facilities host a variety of equipment including AOI machines, x-ray target drills, laser drills, automatic test equipment, impedance measurement machines and micro-sectioning facilities.

Within this supplier portfolio Prestwick claims to cater for all technologies, from simple to leading edge. Lead time ranges from one working day to mass production in three to four weeks and batch sizes from two-off to volume manufacture.

Pricing is said to be competitive with benchmark pricing to ensure that quotes are globally competitive. Communication in all departments is improved via access to Skype technology, offering round the clock facilities. Weekly conference calls also help to provide general project updates or reviews.

With these services on offer, Prestwick Circuits GPS supplies to customers in all markets, including automotive, defence, telecommunications, computing, industrial and avionics. Over the past three years the company claims to have successfully grown its customer base as well as keeping existing customers satisfied with competitive pricing and on time delivery.