Resistive touch technology is scratch resistant

Review Display Systems have recently introduced the rugged new Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) touch technology from AMT. This new technology offers users a strong Glass surface layer that will work with a gloved hand. AMT have developed this technology by utilising there expertise in the manufacture of standard 4,5 and 8 wire touch screens, and added a glass layer over the film surface. This provides an economical solution for users who were against the use of resistive technology because of the easily damaged top surface.

The GFG technology screen retains the functions and features of the standard resistive touch screen such as sensitivity to inputs from gloved operators or stylus/ non finger inputs and also has the added benefit of an increase in the operational temperature range from -30 C to + 80 C making it ideal for industrial applications in extreme conditions.

GFG panels have an 81% light transmission rate and a surface hardness of greater than Mohs 5 which reduces the need for further protective layers.

Screen sizes can be from 3 inch to 19 inch and durability of 10 Million touches for 4 or 8 wire based products or 36 Million touches for 5 wire solutions can be achieved.

A full range of controller solutions are available with supporting a wide range of operating systems.