Responding to testing times

Contract electronics manufacturer, Axiom Manufacturing Services, has launched a new quick turn prototyping service to help customers test their PCB design.
Developed in response to clients in the medical, industrial, security, rail, defence and aerospace markets, the unit will run as a separate business, with investment in equipment and software to help the team design and produce prototype PCBs. This will help customers identify design changes, ensure component optimisation and appropriate test design.
The service will also help customers save money by eliminating design problems and creating a design which is quick to produce and utilises the most cost-effective materials.
Managing director at Axiom Manufacturing Services, David Davies, said: Providing a bespoke prototyping service as an experienced contract electronics manufacturer means that we are able to offer a service which utilises our in-house production expertise in fast-track prototype assembly, and our manual SMT pick and place machines.
This will help customers keep their PCB procurement and tooling set-up costs low and ensure a more efficient, streamlined end product.