RF encoder/decoder chipset speeds up radio-control

RF Solutions has introduced a pair of encoder/decoder ICs for radio-control applications, featuring three independent I/O lines and allowing direct connection of an RF module to simplify design. Switches can be connected directly to the encoder inputs, decoder outputs will drive relays or buzzers directly, and self-learning capability delivers a result that is easy to use. The RF803E encoder and RF803D decoder deliver a chipset that is convenient to use and incorporates value-added features such as efficient encoding for optimum radio range and provision for an LED status indicator at the receiving end. Both devices operate from a supply voltage from 1.5V to 5.5V.

The RF803E encoder has three inputs for connection to an array of switches or pushbuttons. Its standard TTL/CMOS output can be connected directly to the data input of an RF transmitter module. When any of the inputs is asserted the encoder wakes from its 0.1nA idle mode, encodes the detected combination of inputs, and prepares a packet for RF transmission. The encoder is pre-programmed with a 16-bit identifier, giving 65,536 possible identities to ensure secure and reliable communications. Surface-mount 6-pin SOT23 or through-hole 8-pin PDIP package are available.

The RF803D decoder, which is used at the receive end of the radio link, connects directly to the output of a receiver module. The RF803D decodes valid transmissions and asserts its three digital outputs to match the RF803E inputs. Each output can supply 25mA to drive a device such as an LED indicator, buzzer, or small relay, and can be configured for momentary or latching operation. The RF803D also provides a serial data output for direct connection to a microcontroller or RS-232 driver. An external Learn pin allows easy pairing with up to 15 RF803E encoders, and is used to drive a status-indicator LED in normal operation. the only external components required are a learn switch, an LED, and an option link to configure the action of the digital outputs. Package options for the RF803D are 8-pin surface-mount SOIC or 8-pin through-hole PDIP.

In addition, transmitters built using the RF803E encoder can be used directly with RF Solutions FireFly, FireBlade and 210-series turnkey receiver units. Also, FireFly, FireBlade and 205-series radio-control transmitters can be used with receivers built around the RF803D decoder. This instant interoperability further enhances ease of use and flexibility for product developers to choose the fastest and most cost-effective way to add radio control to new or existing products.

The RF803E encoder and RFS803D decoder are available immediately and can be ordered online at