RFI FAQs answered

From off-the-shelf RFI solutions to complex, custom multi-way filters, Aerco probably has the answer
Aerco boasts a comprehensive line-up of standard RFI filters from Oxley, including a large range of insertion-loss performances with frequencies up to 10GHz. Available in threaded, solder, surface mount and press fit configurations and with a variety of rated voltages and currents, most EMC filter requirements can be addressed with standard parts.
In some cases more specific requirements must be met. Perhaps an application has a very high performance requirement or the filter needs to fit into limited space. In these situations, custom filters can be generated and multiple filter requirements can be combined into a single filter array or incorporated into a connector.
As well as addressing any specific issues, a custom multi-way filter is often the most cost effective way to filter multiple lines, especially if several different filter types/performances are required. Reducing complicated wiring, simplifying assembly and having smaller size and weight has made this solution suited to applications ranging from telecoms to fast jets.
To keep lead-time to a minimum, Oxley designs and manufactures both the ceramic filter elements and the metal housings in-house and has its own plating facility. New designs are verified in the on-site test laboratory where shock, vibration, endurance and environmental testing can be performed.