RoHS compliant circular connectors for industrial and commercial applications

A new range of high reliability, rugged, RoHS-compliant Circular Connectors released by Harwin meets the high standards of Mil-C-5015 yet is priced to be cost-effective for commercial and industrial applications.
For use in harsh and demanding environments the rugged high specification, cadmium-free range also features free plug, panel mount and cable connector orientations in a number of popular shell and layout options. These cost-effective solutions will offer benefits in power generators, fixed and portable industrial equipment, control cables, machine tools and robotics to name a few market areas.

Paul Gillam, Product Marketing Manager at Harwin commented: Commercial and industrial product designers are often faced with the challenge of choosing a rugged, high reliability connector for use in harsh and demanding environments that may require full environmental sealing. With low product cost and RoHS compliance being placed high on the list of requirements up to now it has not been an easy task to select an ideal connector. Harwins new range of RoHS-compliant, low cost, circular connectors now offer an effective solution in these challenging conditions.