Roll up for great sensors

3M anticipates its polyester-based projected capacitive touch screen technology will be popular with manufacturers of high-volume mobile display products, such as mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and personal navigation systems. MicroTouch flex capacitive touch sensors are manufactured in a roll-to-roll process which results in a thin, optically clear product, available in rolls containing up to 72,000 sensors, depending on size. This provides scalability for fluctuating product volumes and flexibility for changes in product design, component stack-ups and integration requirements.

Flex film senior field application engineer, 3M Touch Systems, Sascha Goerner, said: Producing the sensors in a continuous roll form helps device manufacturers manage their component supply chain from the prototype phase to full scale-up. Customers can get the quantities they need when they need them and film-based sensors also allow designers to explore new designs. As personal mobile devices continue to converge, touch sensor design freedom helps manufacturers differentiate their product.

MicroTouch sensors can be used for applications ranging from simple button operation to full X,Y touch screen capabilities with various material thicknesses available, from 0.050 to 0.125mm. The film can also be customised to specific shapes and sizes with a team of local field application engineers on hand to add further value by working on design-in projects.