Rugged in-vehicle SBC platform

Trident today announced the introduction of the IVP-7500 SBC platform from VIA which addresses the need for a solid, yet flexible, in-vehicle solution.

The rugged VIA IVP-7500 features GPS and Bluetooth communication devices onboard the SBC, which eases in-vehicle device development for system integrators with faster time-to-market cycles than comparable custom designed platforms

The GPS module enables positioning and time information to be used in applications such as on or off board navigation and geo-tagging. Wireless peripheral connectivity is also enabled through use of the Bluetooth module.

Capable of withstanding the rigors of modern transportation applications this segment board is ideal for use in demanding environments such as car PCs, fleet management, digital tachograph, odometer and security applications.

Measuring just 114mm x 185.5mm, the IVP-7500 can be employed in a variety of dashboard implementations, including one or two DIN designs as well as discrete, in-seat and headrest designs.

Powered by an energy-efficient fanless 1GHz VIA Eden processor and the versatile VIA CX700M2 embedded chipset, the VIA IVP-7500 supports up to 1GB DDR2 system memory, IDE 1.8 hard drive support with FFC and SD card support, HD audio and a range of display technologies including an LCD panel interface, TV-out and VGA outputs. Camera ports include A/V and V-CAM for monitoring applications