Safe, secure and flexible connector mating

ITT Interconnect Solutions has introduced the PowerLock Box, a convenient and cost-effective method of connecting mobile generators to a low-voltage network (up to 1500VDC). The PowerLock Box provides a flexible, safe and secure solution for military applications where a mobile generator is being used to provide power in the field, or on bases for applications which require independence from the mains utility supply.

Connecting using standard PowerLock connectors, the PowerLock Box is available in two options: 400A or 660A. It has keyed ports for sequential mating, a safety feature which ensures that ground is connected first, making it far safer than using individual connectors. Connector ports are IP2X finger protected and are colour coded to suit US, European or Australian three-phase standards.

The Box is offered in two versions: a fully-sealed unit with a lid covering the connector ports; and a standard type which is sealed only when connectors are mated. Environmental sealing is to IP65 and operating temperature range is from -30deg.C. to +85deg.C. The PowerLock Box is 19 rack mountable and measures only 2U high.