Safety on board

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a new series of microcontrollers for use in automotive safety applications that incorporate innovative features to comply with state-of-the-art automotive safety standards. The XC2300A series provides 32-bit performance and an ample peripheral feature set which together with its newly added enhanced safety features, further optimizes it for use in airbag systems and power-steering applications.

Each of the series provides proven application and a well provided set of peripherals as well as specific features designed to support failure-free operation of the electronic control unit (ECU) by detecting and in some instances avoiding unplanned and undesired system behavior.

Today, Infineon is introducing three series devices, the XC2364A, XC2365A and XC2387A, with a total of 20 software-compatible and pin-compatible products. The series members vary according to on-chip flash memory size (448, 576 and 832kBytes) flash memory, choice of ADC channels (16 or 24), number of Capture Compare Units (1 or 2) for powerful motor drives, and frequency choice(66 or 80MHz).

Available package options are the green (lead-free) Low-Quad Flat Pack LQFP-100 and -144 for the temperature range 40 to +125degC. Samples of the XC2364A, XC2365A and XC2387A are already available. Production is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2009.