Screw down on reliability

Erni Electronics has introduced a new right angled, press-fit D-sub connector, which can be screwed to the PCB with M3 or 4#40 UNC threads after press fitting. This makes the attachment more secure and is useful in applications where the PCB is subjected to additional force due to heavy cable housings. Press-fit technology is also effective where connectors high heat capacity causes small components to overheat.

The new D-Sub connector is available with a standard assembly height of 7.3mm and will be followed by a Eurostyle version with an assembly height of 3.6mm. Connectors are available with nine, 12, 25 or 37 pins. The male contacts are gold-plated and the female contacts are tin-plated.

Prices begin at $1.00 for the male or female nine-pin version.