Seal the deal on connectors

ODUs latest connector offering is said to be 100 per cent tight against many types of ingress making it ideal for applications in medical, military or automotive technology.
Glass potted for a hermetic seal, the connectors are vacuum tight with a leak rate up to 1×10-9mbar l/sec. Other features include good chemical resistance, a compressive resistance of up to 1,000bar and the ability to withstand temperatures from -250 to 400C.

Developed for power and signal supply ODU lists one of its main features as precise and reliable latching in hard-to-reach places. The metal-bodied connector for industrial applications is fully interchangeable with a PC plastic-bodied version said to provide extra shielding and touch protection.

Alternatively, buyers can specify a Medi-Snap plastic unit for use on a range of medical instrumentation and monitoring systems. This is offered in several colours for coding purposes and can also be autoclaved. Disposable versions are available for single-use medical components and this lower cost variant can also be configured to take fluid tubing up to 6.5mm diameter with up to 2bar pressure. Components can be supplied with IP68 protection where required.