Secure in corrosive environments

Padlock versions of Emkas 1107 and 1125 Swinghandles and slimline 2100 programme are designed to ease life for purchasers when a padlocking facility is required in corrosive environments. Stainless steel padlock through-pillars (with reinforced polyamide bodies) compliment Emkas L-handle in stainless steel with padlock capability, quarter-turn keylock and wing-handle. They all accept standard UK hasps 3/16 to 3/8in. European padlock sizes 4.5 to 10mm can be accommodated.

An ability to padlock cabinets with one or more locks is increasingly important, especially where high voltages or dangerous/sensitive equipment is housed.

Padlocking handles are available for any cabinet size with or without standard cylinder locks or to Ford specification. Finish is black polyamide, black epoxy, chrome or plain stainless.