Sensor solution extends battery life

Designed to reduce board space and enable longer battery life in industrial, automotive and consumer applications, Microchip’s MCP9804 temperature sensor provides accuracy of +/- 1C from -40 to 125C plus static current consumption of 200A. Many temperature-sensing designs require the use of several external components, making them large, complex and expensive. Silicon-based temperature sensors are becoming more popular because they do not require external components and can be used with little to no design experience. In addition to low power and high accuracy, the MCP9804 sensor features programmable shutdown to extend battery life; an alert feature for over- and under-temperature window monitoring; and a critical temperature-alert feature that provides over-temperature protection, helping to further lengthen system life.

The MCP9804 temperature sensor represents a significant expansion of Microchips temperature-sensor family, giving designers a tremendous amount of flexibility to design smaller, higher-performing temperature sensing systems at lower costs.

Example applications for the MCP9804 temperature sensor include industrial freezers that require high accuracy at lower temperatures such as -20C to +45C; consumer electronic devices that require high accuracy at +85C, such as personal computers; and automotive applications that demand high accuracy at temperatures up to +125C, such as engine temperature monitoring.

The MCP9804 temperature sensor is available in 8-pin MSOP or 2mm x 3mm DFN packages.