Sensor solutions

Synatel will feature its complete range of electronic sensing, counting and control equipment including photo-electric sensors, level controls for solids and liquids, proximity sensors, speed monitors and associated control units. Various new products will be at the show including the patented Stepamatic rotary paddle probe, which employs a direct drive system to eliminate gearboxes and clutches, allowing drive torque adjustment and bi directional rotation. It is also said to make the system virtually indestructible.

Another new product, the heavy duty stainless steel Whirligig is designed to simplify installation of speed monitoring sensors in applications such as conveyors and elevators. It provides a single screw fixing device to be mounted onto the end of the shaft. The Whirligig then moves with the shaft as necessary. It can contain one of a range of Synatel speed sensors covering speeds from five to 3,000rpm, supplies of 12 to 240V AC/DC and including auto calibration. The unit needs no further protection, eliminating guarding and mounting brackets.

The company also designs and manufactures to order with solutions ranging from simple modifications to standard products through to bespoke units for specific applications.