Service with spirit

Innovation in service and delivery have helped UK PCB manufacturer, Spirit Circuits, thrive despite economic challenges and foreign competition Spirit constantly strives to enhance its offering and can now supply metal backed PCBs utilising thermal management technology suitable for emerging LED and power applications. The development comes as a result of acquiring Aztec Circuits a move which will help Spirit hold its own as a UK PCB supplier.

Other service innovations include Go Naked, which enables customers to order free prototype boards made using only tracks and holes. This not only avoids the expense of soldermasks, component idents and gold plating, but also simplifies the development process for the customer.

PCB Snap allows customers to upload their artwork on-line. Spirit then fits these designs alongside other clients work. This economical solution prevents unnecessary waste.

Spirit’s fast turnaround service highlights the reduced delivery times which are possible with a UK supplier. Ask Dave offers delivery within 48 hours of receiving an order, with a 1000 guarantee that the boards will be received on time.

Finally Rescue Me caters for customers who need more of an order that has already been fulfilled. Rather than going through the whole order process again, Spirit uses overrun stock to meet the need. At a time when many suppliers are reducing component stock, Spirit actively stores overrun boards to deliver this service.