Signal relay for high inrush current

Developing electronic components is being subjected to enormous pressure to cut costs. The trend to develop ever smaller components continues relentlessly and engineers keep overcoming limitations nobody thought possible. When it comes to miniaturization of electromechanical components of the highest quality, Panasonic Electric Works has always been at the forefront. Regarding precision and reliability, the mechanical technology behind our relays can truly be compared to that of a Swiss watch. The main challenge is to continue to be able to switch a wide range of loads despite smaller and smaller sizes.

In climatic or industrial systems for controlling ventilation, motors (servo motors, robots) or in ballasts for lamps, the relay engineer’s primary focus is on developing reliable switching for inductive or capacitive loads.

With its new TX-TH relay family, Panasonic Electric Works has expanded its portfolio with a component especially for inrush currents of up to 7.5A (250ms) and a continuous current of up to 1.5A (cos(phi) = 0.4). Under these conditions at room temperature, 200,000 switching cycles are possible.

The relay has been available in Europe since April 2009.