Single-chip solution for GUI

Renesas Technology Europe has today announced the latest members of its SuperH*1 line-up, built around the industry benchmark SH-2A core with its superb realtime processing capability. The SH7264 and SH7262 have been designed for visualisation and GUI applications and offer up to 1MB of on-chip SRAM. This allows video display capabilities to be implemented without the need for external RAM, thereby offering significant reductions in overall system costs and power consumption. As integrated solutions, the SH7262 and SH7264 offer many advantages over traditional two-chip (RAM and MPU) solutions, including PCB space saving, EMC improvement and yield improvement, as well as removal of the need for an external SRAM. The new devices can boot directly from serial flash which also means that the total BOM cost can be cut by switching from a standard NOR flash on an external bus controller to a simple serial flash device on an SPI, with the program code being loaded onto the internal SRAM.

The SH7262 and SH7264 include a 144MHz superscalar CPU core, achieving over 345DMIPS, and also include a floating point unit (FPU). In addition to the 1MB of internal SRAM, the device also contains 64kB of user RAM for data manipulation, and 16kB of cache memory to ensure optimum performance.

The video display controller (VDC) includes hardware support for alpha blending, chroma-keying and driving a TFT screen; up to VGA size (480 x 420 pixels). The generous SRAM capacity means that it is possible to use displays without the need for external SDRAM as video memory, making this the ideal solution for mid-range displays.

To aid with communication the SH7264 and SH7262 include 8 channels of UART, 3 IIC channels, 2 CAN*2 channels and a high-speed USB peripheral supporting both Host and Function modes.

Supporting the idea of low cost, enabling system designers to use a PCB without many layers, the SH7262 comes in a 176-pin QFP with 0.5-mm pitch and the SH7264 comes in a 208-pin QFP also with 0.5-mm pitch.

With Renesas being a major producer in the worldwide market for both SRAM and Microcontrollers, this launch will mark the first coming together of these two areas of expertise.