Size is everything

Recom’s new RNM series comprises a fully specified 2,000V DC isolated converter in a package measuring 8.3 by 8.3 by 6.8mm. Specifications include: 1W of output power, input and output voltages in any combination from 3.3 to 15V DC and 1kVDC or 2kVDC isolation. The ambient operating temperature spans -40 to 85degreeC without derating and operation up to 100C ambient is possible. Conversion efficiency is said to be 84 per cent and output ripple/noise is 100mVp-p.

The RNM converter is ideal where board space is at a premium. It also carries EN-60950-1 safety certification, so it can be used in time-constrained or safety critical projects.

Typical applications are isolated power supplies for industrial controllers, medical equipment and handheld devices. The galvanically isolated output can be used to break earth loops, eliminate conducted electrical interference and protect expensive circuits from external influences.

Samples can be ordered on-line and production quantities are available with Recom’s standard lead time of four to six weeks.