Small outline RF connector for automotive 5.8 GHz

Honda Connectors has developed a fourth generation automotive RF & power connector. The Honda solution is to offer an alternative to FAKRA and deliver a more flexible and higher performing solution. The design of this new connector will be significantly smaller than FAKRA and will offer a higher frequency.

The new fourth generation connectors as a finger squeeze latch mechanism that delivers a huge 100n of retention for the RF crimp contact.

The RF crimp contact accommodates popular coax cables.

Applicable cables are: RG188 A/U and RG316

VSWR is rated at 1.5 maximum for up to 6 GHz.

The power contact as a retention force of 30N is rated to 3 amps using 24AWG wire.

The product series will eventually offer power and RF across 1, & 2 and 3 positions and will provide wire to wire and wire to PCB for 1 and 2 positions and wire to wire for 3 positions.

The 3 position option is specifically developed for tri-band radio