Small power relays for compact applications

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, BTA power relays offer buyers benefits when requiring high switching current ratings in space saving AC and DC switching applications. Aimed at OEMs, panel builders, CEMs, equipment manufacturers, and the H&V industry, the BTA relays are available in two versions, the multi pole BTA3, and the single pole BTA5 version.

The BTA3 is available in 2 and 3 pole versions. Both are available with either changeover or N/O contacts. The power relay has a 25A 300VAC contact rating in both the changeover and N/O versions.

The BTA5 is a single pole relay available as a one N/O + one N/C relay, or a N/O relay. It is rated at 30A in both versions and has a high inrush current capability. Both the BTA3 and the BTA5 have a 1HP motor rating, and for safety and reliability the N/O versions are supplied with a 3mm contact gap to EN60335-1.

The BTA3 is available either as a flange mount version with 250 Faston (6.3 x 0.8mm) tabs, a plug in version with 187 Faston (4.8 x 0.5mm) tabs using the DIN rail socket BTA3-113A-E, or as a PCB version supplied with PCB pins. The BTA5 is available as a flange mount relay with 250 Faston (6.3 x 0.8mm) tabs.
For versatility and export use, both the BTA3 and the BTA5 have UL and CE approvals and are available in 6, 12, 24, 48, 110, 240VAC, and 6, 12, 24, 48, and 110VDC. Operation times are AC 30ms, and DC 20ms, and electrical life is a high 100,000 operations for a power relay. The relays are designed to operate in an ambient temperature of -30 to +50 degrees C.

Relays of a similar rating to the BTA series power relays are available but they are physically larger, or of a similar size but with a lower contact rating. Switchtec holds the BTA power relays as a stock item, and is able to provide full technical support via its field sales team throughout the UK.