Smallest PIFA ceramic antenna

Yageo Corporation has announced the release of 3216 PIFA ceramic antenna catering to compact mobile device applications. Measuring merely 3.2mm x 1.6mm (3216) in dimension, Yageos PIFA ceramic antenna features low profile fitting for multifunctional compact product design and superior signal transmission efficiency up to 90% almost on a par with traditional metal antenna

Yageos 3216 PIFA ceramic antenna come with an omni-directional system that supports central frequency of 2.45 GHz with a maximum gain of 2.84dBi and a working temperature of -25C to 85C. Currently the smallest planar inverted-F antenna available in the market, Yageos 3216 PIFA antenna is designed to be isolated from environmental interference and achieve transmission optimization in miniaturized electronics applications particularly Bluetooth headsets, ultra-slim handsets or wireless mouse. Samples are available for customers with mass production underway.

Mr. Vincent Hu, President of Yageo Global Sales Business Group, said, ‘To meet growing demand for multifunctional portable gadgets, our customers are constantly in search of solutions for efficient integration of functions within increasingly compact space. Statics and interference arise from a crammed circuit board has often resulted in poor transmission quality to further exacerbated the problems for product designers. Yageos 3216 PIFA antenna represents our latest innovation to help system designers to align antenna efficiency with processors.’
Moving forward, Yageo is looking to further enhance the yield and production lead time of 3216 PIFA antenna by leveraging its technology strength in manufacturing process and circuit design and expects its 3216 PIFA antenna to contribute to 40% of chip antenna shipments within two years.