Smart solutions for metering networks

Designed to address requirements for efficient communication over smart metering networks, Renesas Technology Europe has developed an enhanced version of its PLC network layer RUN-M. Designed to specifically address requirements for efficient communication over smart meteringnetworks, the Renesas PLC solution comprises aPhysical Layer(DCSK based, proven and most robust PLCmodulation),a Data Link layer andRUN-M, the Renesas Ubiquitous Network layer for Metering, which has been successfully adopted and proven in the market.

The major features of RUN-M include intelligent network setup (plug and play), self healing capabilities(response to changing field conditions), intelligent repeating mechanisms (ensuring optimal communication), and unique ‘NWK topology memory’ (to minimise un-necessary network traffic).

Building on extensive experience of RUN-M implementations in numerous field tests, pilots and mass installations worldwide, the updated version RUN-M2.1 offers a number of additional features and benefits to smart metering customers. Line quality information is provided to the application to allow network statistics to be intelligently used for communication path analysis and management. Cross network communication enables communication between different logical networks allowing comfortable accessof handheld units tometers/nodes within range for manual read out/control and simplifiedload balancing management through communication between concentrators. Impostor detection prevents the network from sharing information with intruders and helps avoid the use of the same NWK & node ID within range. Finally, adjustable gain control allows a more energy efficient communication.

Renesas Technology Europe supplies microcontroller-based solutions for a wide range of applications within the digital home, such as white goods, small appliances, smart metering, in-home displays, HVAC, security, healthcare and audio visual. Christos Aslanidis, PLC marketing specialist at Renesas, comments that, ‘The average household creates around 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and there are more than 200 million homes in the EU27 group of countries. No wonder then that the European Union and member states are focused on achieving increased energy efficiency in the home through the adoption of smart metering networks. With the increased demand for electronics this will entail, Renesas’ role is to provide our customers with the microcontroller and communications solutions that offer the perfect fit for their application.’ Part of Renesas’ global marketing team, the Digital Home Business Group is responsible for defining product roadmaps and solutions which will enable product differentiation and help speed up time to market.

RUN-MV2.1 is now available for ordering from Renesas or an authorised representative.