SMD chokes easy to place

When cost efficiency and assembly speed are relevant, the PB2016 family of high current, low profile SMD chokes are ideal.

A combination of high speed automatic flatwire winding, 100% visual inspection coplanarity systems and mastering soft ferrite materials for high frequency switching is the set of ingredients for this fine recipe. Cost efficient families of high current chokes that can be easily assembled by pick and place machines and work at currents as high as 75 Amps in the PB2016 family is the solution for high runners when cost efficiency and assembly speed are relevant.

Key Points:

Low cost energy storage chokes with high current for telecom, PLC, and consumer market.
Low profile with SMD format
Low losses due to rectangular wire used
Three soldering points to improve vibration text
Four soldering points to improve vibration test
AECQ-200 qualified
Rohs Compliance

The use of an isolating ULV4 V0 plastic base gives the product a high isolation and assures that the contacts are coplanar. Typical applications are high power density circuits for electric drives or DC/Dc power supplies. It is supplied 100% tested and taped and reeled for pick and place and produced with solder tin free process.

There are 2 sizes and more than 30 combinations of inductances and current available of the shelf.

A set of eight small chokes PB1212 series, from inductance values to 0.5uH up to 18.8uH and up to 35 Amps, and five high current chokes PB2016 series, from inductance values from 1.7uH to 33uH and up to 75 Amps. is available in the new Power inductor designer kit.