SMD thermal sensor suits automotive

KOA is delighted to introduce the new LT73V thermal sensor. The product is targeting the automotive market, with its thin film technology providing high accuracy at low cost. The LT73V also guarantees high reliability and stability over time. This PTC is available in sizes 0805 and 1206 (metric: 2012 and 3216). The resistance ranges are available from 51 Ohm up to 22 kOhm, with tolerances of 2% or 5%. A wide variety of temperature coefficients are available, starting at 150 ppm/K and going up to 4500 ppm/K, with a TCR tolerance down to 10%.

The operating temperature ranges from -55C up to +155C. The LT73V fully complies with EU RoHS and China RoHS requirements, and is suitable for wave and reflow soldering.