Socket strips simplify test equipment

Using Multi-Contact’s 20 pole socket strips rather than individual sockets make it easy to locate a large number of test sockets in a small area in patch panels and breakout boxes.
The socket strips consist of 2 x 10 gold plated 2mm diameter sockets on either 6 or 12mm spacing. The strips require only five fixings and all the solder connections are orientated to allow for easier cable placement and soldering.

The strips are complemented by Multi-Contact’s new jumper plugs, which use the company’s Multilam torsion spring technology for vibration-proof contact and improved reliability.

These insulated jumpers have a 2mm socket located in the rigid hand grip and are available with nickel or gold plated contacts, the latter providing very low contact resistance and extremely high resistance to corrosion.

Current ratings for the plugs and sockets are 10A, with rated voltages of 33Vac and 70Vdc. All are available in red or black, with other colours on request, dependent on quantity.

The high reliability of the components makes them ideal for use in demanding applications as found in the aviation, automotive and rail industries for example.